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Cookies Policy

This website uses cookies and use them to personalize your experience and to study how it is using our web site.

To facilitate reading the following is the index of the policy:

Cookies are small text files that are downloaded to your device User when you visit a website. At each visit Next cookies are sent back to the website that originated them (first-party cookies) or another site that recognizes them (third-party cookies). Cookies are useful because they allow a website to recognize the device user. They have different purposes such as, for example, allow you to navigate between pages efficiently, remembering your favorite sites and, in general, improve the browsing experience.

Confirmation of the data and methods of treatment

The processing of data collected via cookies takes place using electronic means.
The receipt of cookies is optional.
Although most browsers currently in use automatically accept cookies, the user has the option to configure their browser so as to exclude the receipt of cookies at any time and also remove from your navigation device cookies already received.

Configuring the browser and delete cookies

The procedure to exclude the receipt of any or some cookies vary by browser. The following are links to relevant guides of the main browsers.


However, the exclusion of cookies may slow or prevent access to certain parts of the Site. Deleting cookies already received will also result in the cancellation of preferences managed and stored through these cookies.

The cookies will be downloaded by the browser, visiting the pages of our site can be divided into the following categories:

Consent to Use of Cookies

  • Techinical Cookies

    You can disable these cookies via browser settings
    Disabling the use of cookies via your browser, the site will not work properly in all its parts.
  • Performance/Site Analysis Cookies

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  • Social Networks Cookies

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